Tuesday, December 7, 2010

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It is rare to find people who see through this facade. This post really exposes the superficiality of the myth of 'consumable happiness' in contemporary America (and soon to be found in the whole world). As a native born Russian who moved to America right before the collapse of the Soviet Union, I know firsthand what went on behind the Iron Curtain. I believe what you wrote about youth in America applies to all people in America. I find it interesting that what Soviet Russia did to it's people, America did the same; except the effects were inversely related. What you wrote here is seen in both Communist and Capitalist societies:

Assimilating oneself into an external image of the good life – and submitting to a collectivity – is a perfectly ordinary form of alienated existence in the existing society.

Communist Russia united the people but alienated the country as a whole from the outside world, Capitalist America united the country with the outside world but it alienated it's people from each other. Soviets are propagandists, Americans are advertisers. Our bureaucrats wanted you to buy into an unrealistic socialist ideology, their businessmen want you to buy into an empty dream.

We called ourselves Communists, they call themselves Consumers. What is it in the end but an instructional slogan from the bureaucrat/businessman for how he wants you to behave? Nothing is different. Out propaganda was simple. Work hard for the country because the country is based upon millions of you. This propaganda is simpler. Work hard for yourself because millions of you are the base of the country. In the end Russia's communism united it's people from within but alienated itself as a country from the world, America's capitalism united the country with the world but alienated it's people from each other.

Just by reading the comments that people leave on this post (and the rest of this blog), Lander has truly struck the narcissistic nerve which 'white people' deny they have. It's kinda like wisdom teeth, everyone has em, but we don't need em. And if you don't get rid of your 'wisdom teeth' (this is 'white people' mentality which includes but is not limited to: being convinced you're unique, vulgar display of ego boosting grandstanding, self-serving concern for the poor; to name a few), then you will miserably embarrass yourself because your crooked teeth (your speech, figuratively speaking) will clearly show you haven't removed the narcissist nerve that we all suffer from.

What Lander was getting across in this post is the ridiculous self-righteous pump-me-up feeling 'white people' get from doing something as 'grand' as buying/driving a dumb car. Do people really think that this 'grand' gesture is doing anyone any good? What is this world coming to....probably the only good the prius brought is less noise pollution, as it's really quite, but then again pedestrians can't hear the thing so it's even more hazardous to humans because they can easily step in it's path while crossing the street/parking lot, because they can't hear it coming.

Speaking of 'better mileage', the prius does not get that much more gas mileage than most oldies. My 1999 ford escort gets 34 mpg, just 11 miles shy of the prius....from 1999 to 2010 it took 11 years to get 11 more miles out of a gallon...that...is...sad....and the one who believes that this a superb development is...well...as Chris, who commented on this post put it, someone who “eat[s] bugs from your mate’s hair and dying at 23. Loser.”

So, Christian Lander is not attacking the 'good things' that 'white people have given you', but rather, he is attacking their fickle and self-justifying mindset that dupes them into buying these overpriced not-that-much-more-environmentally-friendly trinkets. It appears you still have your 'wisdom teeth' as you did not see the essence of his blog.

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