Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Giving Birth in China

It’s actually cheaper to give birth in china.  Pregnant women all across the world fly to China, give birth in a factory-like hospital, and are home just in time to cook the evening meal.  Just about everything is made in China, now we've added giving birth to that list.  Woman are ushered in and placed on a conveyor belt which then goes through an assembly line of doctors and nurses who hand deliver the babies, wash, and swaddle them back to their mothers.  By far, China has been really good with delivering the world's babies as their quality is so much better due to the fact that everything is hand delivered.  China was the greatest exporter of babies birthed this past year, which attributed to 15% of it's GDP.  In some countries, machines deliver the little ones, although cheaper and much more efficient, there's nothing like the help of a real doctor.

Finally, at least one thing that is made in China lasts a lifetime.

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