Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hэлло Woялd

This is sort of what we did.

I find this world to be absolutely hilarious. A realm of absurdities and ironies, it's like walking along a comic strip. I find myself being amused quite often. You come across all sorts of people, policies and fanatics.

When I came to this country I was 2 feet tall, now 20 years later I’ve tripled in height. I'm a Berlin Wall Baby, born on the eastern front of that barricade in homeland motherland: the Soviet Union. No wall, immigrant status, or propaganda could stop our family from making a run for it. It was 1989. Screw the moon, the race was for the American border (or any free country for that matter). As we were making our way through middle Europe, it seemed like we were orbiting in zero gravity. Our Soviet citizenship revoked, our passports read: Status-refugee; Destination:_______. We had no where to go and no where to return. We had 2 steps in our emigration. Step 1: get out. Step 2: get in.

I wouldn't be surprised if my parents took a course at the local community college called "C2C: Making the Transition from Communism to Capitalism." It was a shock to learn that you actually get paid for the work you do.

That being said, cars crash, people die, economies collapse, Berlin walls go up and down, dictator's blossom and burn, and crime is in fashion. Welcome to Earth: the most hazardous planet to live on.

In his novels, Dostoevsky is known for putting a handful of crazy characters into one room and watch what may come of the situation. Likewise, it is this model that I will emulate in my blog. Similarly, the Man himself once said something along the lines of "by taking something to its extreme one is able to determine the truth of the matter." Earth is the only planet that is inhabitable due to its atmosphere. It is because of this very atmosphere that keeps living things alive and stupidity thriving. My aim is to sniff out this stupidity, call it what it is, and present the insane in a sanely fashion; all to bring out the truth of the matter.

I've been in a number of disconcerting situations, and they are my favorite kind. I find solace in chaos. If I were to be a CEO and walk into an office and find everyone sitting calmly, I would say to myself "the work here is done! Give me the tyrannical, your problems, your stubborn jackals yearning to break free, the weirdos in your team." I need to solve chaos. I make sense of chaos.

I will not stray too far in the recesses of my mind to bring forth the comedic, satiric, and the absurd, I have not to look far but only that which occurs between the sun and the moon. The world makes a joke out of itself, is self-satirizing, and hilariously absurd. In short, I will create absurd situations and fill a room full of crazy characters and make the following clear: where there are people, there are problems. A room full of idiot’s makes stupidity go round. Can you imagine a world full of idiots...

Naturally the physiology of the human body adapts to whatever environment it lives in. So does our psychological mentality. By surrounding itself with intelligent things, it becomes simply that: intelligent. Conversely, by surrounding itself in base things, it cannot help but absorb and become less than desirable. It naturally adjusts to the pollutants that are afloat en masse media (also known as propaganda).

A recent study indicated that the amount of idiots per million over the years has risen, to toxic levels. There are too many lies in the atmosphere; I am deeply concerned about a worldwide epidemic that is taking place: Global Stupidity.

Please, let's stop using coal minds to extract cheap humor, vile art, and trivial literature. Cheap minds of elementary value only pollute the airwaves; literature, news, music, and art is becoming too hazardous for us to be exposed to.

People think I am funny, however I am not of the same persuasion, on the contrary I think everyone around me is rather dull. I cannot help but interpret and express the world the way I do. Here you will find ideas, people, events and such taken to an extreme. All for the purpose of finding the truth, motive, underlying reason, etc. I have been considered as "being very observant." Let us see.

A kopeck for my thoughts, a rouble for my troubles...

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