Tuesday, November 23, 2010

3D is everywhere

That's right folks, Hollywood was right in saying 3D wasn't a fad and that it is here to stay.  Avatar proved it's potential and Clash of the Titans, well, ruined it's reputation.  Our world now has taken those 2 examples and blended them together to get an even consistency of the highly unnecessary & unjustifiably expensive.  It's not a fad alright, it's fraud.  I mean, how can you make anything more real than it already is?  We have managed to do so.  Consumers don't mind paying the extra money (which is also printed in 3D) to do the following in 3D:  read a book, watch a movie, or listen to music, all the while munching on a 3D taco (don't ask me how, keep reading).  When i left 2010, 3D (in movies) was the craze.  A generation later, look how far we've come, here are a few things i noticed that are currently in lovely 3D:

  • printed text: magazines, novels, textbooks  (pop-up books are for kids, pop-up text is for adults)
  • braille (...i don't understand how this is possible...)
  • pens (are double tipped to make this possible)
  • billboards (makes driving even more distracting)
  • stock market price projection boards  (i don't think they're making it any easier on themselves)
  • traffic signs  (there's no excuse for speeding anymore)
  • money  (is now printed in 3D as a security measure)
  • product packaging in Wal-Mart  (shopping without your 3D glasses is practically impossible and a waste of time)
  • music: mp3D (splits sound waves & unites them via special earphones giving you a fuller listening experience...as if our ear drums weren't enough)
  • food (the flavors are so much more intense!...so is going to the bathroom)

It appears our future ancestors have grown tired of the 1-dimensional world and made it 3 times more difficult to navigate through.  Please save me from this place.

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